About Us

Innovative Solutions for New Jersey and New York Small Business Employee Benefits Packages.

Essential Benefit Solutions began in 2003 as the result of identifying a crucial need for dedicated and knowledgeable benefits specialists specifically in the small business marketplace in NJ & NY.  Most Small Business Employers do not have a Human Resources Department to stay on top of new/changing carrier rules, State Regulations and their changes along with the Federal Regulations and its changes.  There are numerous and vast modifications, regulations and reforms with health insurance to make it very confusing now with many more changes and reform on the way.

In 2003 we launched Essential Benefit Solutions in the NJ small business marketplace to help small employers navigate their way through a complex process of evaluating carriers and plan designs that meet their needs both personally as well as fiscally.  With both major health insurance carrier experience and broker experience since 1992, as well as being a small business owner, we can provide you with well rounded views and expertise for your own small business. We now assist Small Employers in both New Jersey and New York.

Now more than ever a small employer needs a knowledgeable, up-to-date health insurance professional to guide them through the ever-changing climate of health insurance and the carriers who provide them with the products.  We’re the experts to make your offering of employee benefits easier for you, so you can spend more time focusing on your business.

Wendy Hamlin • Lincoln Park, NJ • Phone: 973-872-1008 • Fax: 973-215-2217 • wendy@essentialbenefitsolutions.com